"If you could only choose a couple things that must go perfectly on your wedding day, the photography would be among them. We were sure that we wanted someone reliable who would produce great memories. In hindsight, hiring Stephanie was clearly a great decision. Stephanie thinks like a bride / groom. She is where you want her when you want her there. There was never a moment when we needed a great shot that she wasn’t there to capture. She is calm in the midst of potentially chaotic situations when dozens of portrait shots demand multiple changes in the span of minutes. Her clear understanding of posing, angles, light and her equipment make her especially well-suited to fast, smart advice about how to get stunning shots from the time of the consult to the heat of the moment. Having peace of mind on your wedding day is invaluable. Stephanie is already an outstanding photographer. What makes her truly top-shelf is her ability to provide that peace of mind on such an important day. "                                       -Andrew and Andrea